Backlit, Mini 2.4 GHz Wireless Multimedia Notebook with Touchpad Mouse for Xbox 360, PC, Pad, PS3 and Well on Your EvoBox

2.4 GHz Mini QWERTY keyboard, TouchPad combo, with USB interface,
92 keys, 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard with Touchpad,
Integrated intelligent touchpad with 360 ° flap design;
Innovative, portable and stylish design.
New function LED backlight more. 3 in 1 multifunction: wireless keyboard + Mouse + Touchpad. RF 2.4 G wireless connection, enjoy up to 10m operating distance.


The sleeker the better. The smaller the more efficient it gets. The size reduces the weight and makes it handy. These are advantages of things getting smaller. When everything is changing into something then why to be left behind in way to make you play games. This article will put some light on the all new product of EvoBox mini keyboards. It is the power in your hand and all you would ever want.

Let us just see the specifications and configurations:

  1. The 2.4 GHz processor Mini QWERTY keyboard has a powerful system processor. Don’t fall back due to the size.
  1. Touchpad combo is one of the most attractive features that this product has because it will make your keyboard more user-friendly and much easy to use.
  1. Now is it just me or someone else who is thinking that USB interface is not helpful. Do you know that games are best played on wires and not the Bluetooth version? The wireless devices are useful when you have one input to give but when you are up for a battle or a task in a game then you will always face a problem using the wireless products. Wire products are used in that. So designed for all purpose, this keyboard is very much useful for games.
  1. You can connect the USB of the keyboard in Xbox 360, PC, Pad, PS3 and also Evobox. One product and so much work to do. To take more eyes it is backlit while in use. Be it dark in the room, your gaming sessions will not have any issues. Light on the keyboard and keep rolling.
  1. It consists of 92 keys with a Touchpad. These keys also contain the special character keys which will enable you to perform the special and the shortcut functions in your laptop or desktops. Sometimes when you feel lethargic you don’t want to do work and this is the time when you are in a hunt and need of shortcuts. The mini keyboard of EvoBox will not let you down at this point either.
  1. Integrated intelligent touchpad with 360 ° flap design will help you get the real feel of play.
  1. With a small Innovative, portable and stylish design EvoBox has started a revolution in the arena of Keyboards.
  1. 3 in 1 multifunction: wireless keyboard, Mouse and Touchpad.
  1. Enjoy up to 10m operating distance with a lengthy wire. Don’t think this will by any means slow down the input you give in the PC.

The above listed are just 9 out of many brilliant experience of the Air Plus. What are you still thinking off? Don’t keep thinking when the time is near. Sometimes all you need is power and comfort. The Mini keyboard is providing both of them to you in a very affordable price. Think of it. Can you let this chance go? If you were to take my opinion then you should not let it go because EvoBox is bringing some of the coolest products in the market after giving them a facelift.


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