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A mouse can change the way you use your laptop of desktop. Think of it if you get a mouse for your television. Wouldn’t it be so easy and comfortable. For me it surely would. In this article we are going to discuss about the things by which you can make your television think.

Just wait for a moment and think of the fact that you are told that your smart television is not that smart yet. Think if someone told you that by a few changes and inputs your TV is going to be a lot smarter. Wouldn’t that be a great thing? Yeah I know it would be. Just for you, Evobox has brought to you the best way to make your smart TV intelligent.

We at Air mouse go with the tag line “Transform your television into a super intelligent television with the Evo box”

With more than a million games and interesting applications like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the EvoBox, you are very close from turning your television into the ultimate entertainment center. You can now play games of different genres, watch movies and use all the social media sites on your television. Why to buy a laptop when everything can be done on the TV. Not just this, you can also get the best out of your box when you set up the Evobox with it. Does this not sound interesting? Yeah it does! But this not just a theory it is real.

Do you like watching TV series? Are you having any subscriptions with any channel? Like say netflix or HBO? Now, you will also be able to access your current subscriptions such as Netflix, Crackle, Hulu, Crave, Shomi from your TV itself. You never will miss any notifications of any subscribed channel. Every hard work will be done by your TV, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy for what you paid.

When we say that your television will be smarter we will assure everything gets better. With EvoBox you can also project the screen of your mobile in your new TV EvoBox. This means whatever you are playing on your mobile phone, you will be able to see it on your TV.

With such a high quality picture you can use the toggle of a quality which is lower than this. You need to have Air mouse which is cheap and certified on the EvoBox.

In addition to this you can play almost any content HD and 4K with your EvoBox. There are no barriers in your playlist from our side.

With its intelligent media search system, you will be able to find almost any content available online in seconds without advertising and virus. Therefore you can rely on this for your internet surfing and as an antivirus. It will protect your data and your tool.

Investing your money in setting up the EvoBox will give you only profits and no reason to regret anything. For getting one you can log onto our site and make the full use of your television.


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